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YEAR 1877
The room is cold.
The walls is full of damp patches seem black. A man is lying on a bed in the corner of the room. She knows him, they almost have the same age. You can hardly see his pale face, the dim light of the candles give you just a glimpse of his features. His fingers indicate her, fingers of a hand where the signs of aging are evident and his moaning, now no longer decipherable, are no more heard.


1 - Laughing Doll
2 - Eyes Painted Blood
3 - A Strange Death
4 - Church Of Saint Anthony pt. 1 "The Procession"
5 - Church Of Saint Anthony pt. 2 "Kill the Priest"
6 - Mamuthones Dance
7 - In the Dark Room
8 - Domus de Janas

     A) Death March To Hell (Until the Last Blood)
     B) The Path of Agony
9 - Dressed in Black
10 - Morte Be Thy Name
11 - The Legend Will Never Die

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accabadoraThe Sardinian term "Femina Accabadora" or more commonly "S'Accabadora"
(lit. "she who ends", derives from Sardinian s'acabbu, "the end" or from Spanish acabar, "to finish")
denotes the figure of a woman who was responsible for bringing death to people of any age,
in the event that they were in conditions of illness such as to lead family members or the victim himself
to request it.


The practice was not to be paid by the relatives of the sick person as paying to give death
was contrary to religious and superstitious dictates.


Legend has it that the killing practices used by the Accabadora varied according to the place:
entering the room of the dying man dressed in black, with his face covered,
and killing him by hitting him on the forehead with a sort of olive wood hammer "su matzolu
or behind the neck with a sharp blow, or strangling him by placing his neck between his legs.